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One Treatment | Bespoke Options
Our skin care treatments are personalized for your unique needs so that you can achieve your desired results without compromise


First time at PIEL? Or you're an existing client and haven't experienced a skincare treatment yet?


This service is for you!

It is also the perfect starting point for implementing a new skin care regimen and future advanced treatment options.

We will start with a “skin interview” to learn more about your skin care challenges and goals. Followed by a comprehensive skin analysis of your current skin condition, function, and revision process.


After discussing the options best suited for you, we will begin your customized treatment.



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Never know which treatment to choose?

Too many choices? 

We eliminate the guesswork of choosing the

type of service you should book by offering

One treatment option, 100% personalized

Ensuring the best possible results at every visit. 

 You're in control by choosing how long you want your treatment to be.

Sometimes your skin may just need maintenance,

other times your skin may need extra attention,

Or maybe it's time to indulge in self-care.

Regardless of the time you choose, in every

Bespoke | A La Medida treatment expect your skin to be:

Thoroughly exfoliated, revealing an immediate new glow 

Treated with one or more Advanced Modalities

Extractions performed if needed*

Fully hydrated under a customized mask

Infused with nutrients massaged into your skin while you

relax and unwind.


Your skin is beautifully unique, your skin care treatments should be too. 



The length of your session will determine the quantity, type and duration of the options included in your treatment.  For example, 1HR will provide time for:


1 Exfoliation type [Microdermabrasion, Chemical, or Ultrasonic]

No extractions 

1 Advanced Modality [Frequency, LLLT 10min, LED Therapy]

1 Mask [Nutritional Cream, Infused Cellulose Sheet, Transdermal]

1 Touch Therapy or 1 Enhancement

Not sure how much time you should book?  We can help!  Send us a message

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Extraction Options.png
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